Skills for Tomorrow, Values for a Lifetime

Brainfeed School Excellence Award (2018-19)

Is your child equipped to face the future?

In this fast changing environment, it is extremely difficult to predict what the world will be in a few years from now. Yet, we are faced with the delicate task of preparing our children for a distant tomorrow. How do we know we are doing it right?

It is known that children with a strong sense of self, and firm roots, are better geared to handle the uncertainties of a fast-changing world. Apparently, education and livelihood skills will not be enough for success in the future. What is needed is a holistic, nurturing ecosystem that strengthens a child’s self-belief and naturally connects him/her to the environment.

Shalom Presidency School is a well-established educational institution in Gurgaon that strongly endorses this philosophy. We offer a warm and supportive culture that not only facilitates learning but develops a deep bond between students, teachers and the environment. Managed by luminaries who have greatly contributed to the education landscape of the country over the years, and coupled with new-age teaching ideologies, Shalom Presidency School is an insignia of modern education today. It is a system based on values and principles that will last your child a lifetime.

The school aims to develop students as ambassadors of positive change who will help build a better tomorrow.

Why Shalom Presidency?

What Parents Say

Shalom Presidency is the best place to be for a child! The atmosphere is very positive and bright.The children are well engaged in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. Over the last six months, my daughter has learnt a lot in terms of language, numbers, colours and rhymes.
Padma Sishadri, read more »
Words are not enough to express the satisfaction and pride that I feel to be associated with this school. I have a lot of appreciation for the school and respect for founder ma’am and her excellent team. Their focus on all small and big things makes it a heaven for our kids and ensures all round development.
Manju Ranjan, read more »
When we enrolled Rahul, mid-session, we knew it will not be easy for the teachers because of his language constraint. However, the teachers are very cheery and assuring. They are open to suggestions and keep the parents abreast of the developments every day.
Selvalakshmi Rajendran, read more »
The faculty and staff at SPS are so knowledgeable and warm. The focus on social skills, learning through play, letter recognition, numbers, music and art, and the benefit of a small class with a low student to teacher ratio foster a playful love of learning.
Ms. Agarwal, read more »
I am really happy that I shortlisted Shalom Presidency School for my child. Curriculum is excellent. Every day, the child is learning something new and exciting. Good mechanisms for the Safety and Security of children. Complete faculty is very warm and polite. Proper and timely communication is shared with the parents. World-class infrastructure.
Mr. Kapil Khari, read more »


We are committed to cross fertilization of ideas and methods traversing boundaries to ensure that our students are empowered to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Our commitment is to empower them to follow and realize their dreams.


We aspire to create a perfect pathway for future global leaders rendering a curriculum inclusive of experiential learning and the best, student centric, state–of-the-art infrastructure.

Our aspiration for our students is to enable them to lead a fulfilling and enriched life.

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