Skills for Tomorrow, Values for a Lifetime

Is your child equipped to face the future?

In this fast changing environment, it is extremely difficult to predict what the world will be in a few years from now. Yet, we are faced with the delicate task of preparing our children for a distant tomorrow. How do we know we are doing it right?

It is known that children with a strong sense of self, and firm roots, are better geared to handle the uncertainties of a fast-changing world. Apparently, education and livelihood skills will not be enough for success in the future. What is needed is a holistic, nurturing ecosystem that strengthens a child’s self-belief and naturally connects him/her to the environment.

Shalom Presidency School is a well-established educational institution in Gurgaon that strongly endorses this philosophy. We offer a warm and supportive culture that not only facilitates learning but develops a deep bond between students, teachers and the environment. Managed by luminaries who have greatly contributed to the education landscape of the country over the years, and coupled with new-age teaching ideologies, Shalom Presidency School is an insignia of modern education today. It is a system based on values and principles that will last your child a lifetime.

The school aims to develop students as ambassadors of positive change who will help build a better tomorrow.

Why Shalom Presidency?

Our Motto


Childhood is a time to aspire, experience, learn and make sense of the world. Shalom Presidency School recognizes the uniqueness of each child. We welcome the children and treasure them for who they are. As our children engage with life’s joys and complexities, they gain confidence, feel valued and develop aspirations.

We intend to nurture and nourish the toddlers into enthusiastic and positive learners, and empower them to take right decisions based on their insight and wisdom and aspire to excel in every sphere. We aim to facilitate the holistic development of our students so that they can be capable, responsible and functional citizens of the world.


Achieving is integral to human existence.  Children first learn to aspire. As they journey through Shalom Presidency School, they develop superior ability and with guided effort and warm enveloping environment they develop skills within and beyond classroom which marks the beginning of achievement for them.

We equip the students to achieve their aspiration with sensitivity, pastoral care and high-quality education to accustom them to adapt to changing trends. With strong qualities of integrity and compassion they are transformed into responsible and sensible human beings. Emphasis is given to skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication, creativity and collaboration along with qualities such as integrity and compassion, supplementary to the curriculum to prepare and adapt to the changing demands of the world


Children’s identities, knowledge, understanding, capacities, skills and relationships change during childhood. They are shaped by many different events and circumstances. At Shalom Presidency School, ‘Ascend’ reflects the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in children as they learn and grow. They can then enjoy the freedom to become who they choose to be. Thus the circle is complete!

We believe in turning dreams into a reality and enable the students to ascend to greater heights. The various activities, competitions, experiences, and exposure initiated by the school for its students, help them emerge as leaders in this competitive world, carving a niche for themselves. The tiny tots, who once walked through the portals with inhibitions, walk out with their heads held high with power of confidence to Achieve and Ascend. They look back at their Alma Mater with pride, as an abode of love, as their childhood defined -‘ASPIRE, ACHIEVE and ASCEND’