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Parents Speak

Very nicely arranged. Overwhelmed to see the kids presenting to parents so beautifully. Vedaansh was so good at explaining each thing clearly. All thanks to the teacher's and school's efforts.

Mother of Vedaansh Donraj 1-C

Creativity at it's best...What an amazing interesting way to let parents know how well the kids have learnt during the session and super impressed...never thought if this could be also a way to teach a child with practical ways using props... etc. For teachers - Great to have you being Saanvi's mentor.

Father of Saanvi Gulati 2-B Mr Piyush Gulati

Loved the effort put by the kids and the teachers. I am happy Abeer has such amazing connect with his teachers and school. He could talk about all the concepts displayed. Would request if books of students could be sent home so that more reading practice, can be done at home.

Mother of Abeer Yadav 2-C

This is a very interesting concept. Knowing our kid excellencing in all subjects and seeing there knowledge empower us. I am overwhelmed.

Thankyou all teachers for all your efforts
Father of Advik Rastogi 1-A.

I would like to share my experience with the best school in Gurgaon. Our journey started with Shalom Nirvana where my son Shresth taken admission for nursery. During Covid we shifted to Dwarka Expressway which was quite far from Shalom so we shifted him to other school but somehow we were not satisfied as we have raised Shalom's way of teaching, interaction with kids and the commitment of teacher and school towards the child .This has compelled us to take a decision to join back with Shalom family.Though it was quite far from our home but for our son this is the best school vehicle we have ever thought. It's been a year now he is with Shalom School has groomed him a lot,he is full of confidence and energy to face day to day life.
With heavy heart we are leaving school again as we got transferred to Wipro Lucknow.We tried searching school there to match the standard but trust me,we did not find any other school like Shalom. As the life goes on we have to settle with some other option. As a parent we will really miss Shalom family. In future if we ever come back to Gurgaon we will definitely without any doubt we will be the part of the Shalom family again.
Suggestion: Can we have a Shalom branch in Lucknow too.?

Thanking you
Sakshi Tandon
Siddharth Sharma
Shresth Sharma 1-D

We would like to share that we as parents are very proud to be associated with Shalom family.
The kind of love and warmth we get from MD ma am is truly unbelievable. I am going to come back to Gurgaon and be a part of Shalom again. We would like to thank the school to make us proud of our kids today. They have been spending good time at school and never want to leave. We believe that we will soon come back and be a part of proud Shalom family. We are really going to miss all the members of the school.The school staff and teachers are so humble and cooperative. Proud of our association we had with you. Love you Shalom Presidency

Shweta Juneja
Kabir Ahuja Grade1
Kiara Ahuja Grade 5

Kudos to Shalom!
Our overall experience with SPS has been pretty good. Parth joined in Pre nursery and a bundle of high energy unmanageable by teachers. From there to this disciplined journey definitely the credit goes to Presidency's grooming.
Due personal reasons we are moving to Mumbai and will look forward to be back to SPS with my little daughter too. A big thanks to Team Presidency for all the support

Gautam Bisht
F/O Parth Bisht
Grade 3

I, Nidhi Katyal, mother of Vivan Katyal, (Grade VI-B) and Advit Katyal (Pre Nursery), would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our respected MD Ma'am for making us a part of such a magnificent show.
The various performances show cased today, on various thoughtful themes are remarkable.
* Beginning with the prayer dance to the Almighty.
* The thought provoking act of Lord Ganesha, on which Advit (Vivan's younger brothet), too started dancing, he joined his hands to offer his prayers.
* Songs to express the love,respect and affection for our family, our parents as well as Grandparents.
* The unity in diversity of the various dance forms of India.
* The celebrations during the Chinese New Year.
* An act to stop violence and inculcate respect for human lives, wherein Vivan spoke so confidently about,' PEACE IN THE WORLD'.
*Respect for the country and patriotic feelings for the nation through the game of cricket.
*Progress and achievements of the country.
All the messages were expressed so beautifully.
All this is possible with the guidance and encouragement by our respected MD Ma'am. Ma'am as I always say, "We are proud to be a part of our Shalom Family".

Warm regards
Nidhi Katyal
(Mother of Vivan Katyal, Grade VI-B and Advit Katyal, Pre Nursery).

Respected Ma'am,
Greetings of the day,
Events come and go, but the efforts and preparations , for perfection which makes an event a successful one, is so important.
Being part of the Shalom Family, I can truly understand the efforts of each and every person involved in making the event a memorable one.
All this is possible only because of our respected MD Ma'am.
Ma'am you are so gracious, you are so much concerned and you took so much care of each and everything to make the event extraordinary.
Ma'am your motherly touch can be seen from your involvement in various ways, from the dance forms, the costumes, the props, the expressions, the actions, the positioning and visiblity of each and every student above all your encouragement even during the event, boosts the morale of your children.
Ma'am I know how each and every person of our Shalom Family is so much involved to make the event a successful and memorable one.
Hours of rehearsals by the students, under the guidance of our respected MD Ma'am, has made the event so special for us.

Nidhi Katyal
(Mother of Vivan Katyal, Grade VI-B and Advit Katyal, Pre Nursery)

Congratulations to the entire team who organised such a fabulous function. It was great to see allthe kids perform so well with lot of confidence. We are proud to be a part of the Shalom Presidency School.

Parents of Ibhan Tiwary

It was an amazing experience to see my kid perform on stage and it revitalized my childhood memories. Thesynchronization and choreography was marvellous and kudos to the entire Shalom team. We had a great time andwhat a fun it was.

Preeti Sharma
M/O Utkriti Bhartiya (K.G 'B')

It was really a great experience...
It was very very nice. The function was very well organized. Kids performed really beautifully andconfidently. It's all because of your hard work, words would not be enough to praise you all. Thank youfor giving us the golden moments.

Thanks & Rgds
Amit & Niharika

Respected mam
Thank you dat was awesome
You treat your student like hidden pearls and guide them towards their aims thank you for your incredible work
You make school feel like home for children
The best teacher teach from the heart dat is you

Dear MD mam and all respected teachers.
It was such a wonderful day today to see so many kids having so much fun singing, dancing & acting.. Very beautifully presented.... Speaks volumes of hard work by teachers and other support staff.
No wonder.....we enjoyed so much today..... they played their parts well and enjoyed it too Brilliant work by entire shalom team...from MD mam to all support staff... we are lucky to have such loving, caring and great learning atmosphere for our little ones to bloom... Really appreciated and lots of applause to everyone... Very well organized and executed. Proud to be a shalomite parent.

God bless us all
Kushal and Priyanka

Dear Shalom Team
Thanks a lot for a wonderful experience and the way the entire annual day was organized. As a first timer, it was a delight to see such a grandeur way function was arranged, the best part was the wayShalom management worked with each and every student. From starting till the end, parents were glued to the screen, as we were sitting amongst the crowd, everybodywas praising, acknowledging the hard work you all have invested in bringing life to the main day.
Kudos to all of you, Mother Darling, Shalom management, backstage staff and big thanks to everyone the waythey managed our kids. ( as said by mother darling in opening speech)

Tanvi Jain

Dear MD Ma'am,
Your words "don't compare my children" is still ringing in our ears. It was a pleasure to hear this, we have always gone by this principle in life and in nurturing our children.
This mail is regarding the splendid annual presentation by our children. It was a sheer treat to see them perform with such confidence and eligance. The theme was so thought provoking that one could find onself caught between the way we live our lives today and how one should actually live. Being caught in our circumstantial ups and down we often find ourselves away from the beauty life holds. Tears welling and drying, taken over by the enthusiastic performance full of life, was a roller coater for our hearts and eyes.
The theme ranging from prayers, spreading knowledge about different art forms and the trauma and violence going on was amazing. It shows the deep thought which has gone into the entire program. The props which were used beautified the presentation. Such topics enhances a childs growth and awakens their consciousness, thereby adding great value to their identity.
We look forward to next years annual presentation. Children were worried that 6th was their last performance and were crying assuming the same.
We also would like to thank you for the love and affection you have showered on Maanit, it means a lot to us. Every word of encouragement and every gesture by you is highly respected.

Thank you so much.
Dimpy Kaur and Jagmeet Singh Kwatra

Respected Ma'am/Sir,
We are writing to inform that after contemplating thoroughly, we have decided to withdraw admission of our ward Kabir Taneja who is studying in Grade 3 of your school.The decision has not been easy especially when the kid hasbeen with the school since age of 3.5 years.
We have been very happy and satisfied parents as Kabir has developed a strong foundation in this school and hasbeen groomed into a boy of strong grit with skills that are developed in formative years. Shalom Day care had always been Kabir's second home as the love and care he got with ma'am cannot be expressed in words. I am grateful to her as we would neverhave been able to concentrate at work without a strong back and dependable day care under her supervision andactive efforts to engage kids post school.We wish we had an option of continuing with the day care to continue thebond he has created with day care.

Jasvinder and Chanky
8447823028 , 8285170255

We unhesitatingly place, on record, our wholehearted appreciation, of the efforts of teachers, and school management. I wanted to write to you and share the joy and satisfaction both Hiranya Pahuja (Class VB) and I have been feeling since she joined Shalom Presidency School.Thank you to the Principal and staffs of the school for making a difference in our children's livesby giving them an education, good behaviour and positive vibes. You are doing much more thanyou should and assigned to do.
Even after we shifted to Delhi in October'2021, I made up my mind on the fact that my child willget some structure, stability, culture awareness while getting an education at your premises.However, I transferred Hiranya from Shalom Hills to Shalom Presidency due to Day-careFacility but as seeing the traffic chaos and tiring routine for Hiranya, we have decided to changeher school to our nearby location in South Delhi as it is nearly impossible for me to take a stepforward and continue with your school coz at least 100kms I am driving in a day which istortuously effecting Hiranya's academics and moreover our health and time management.

Warm Regards,
Nidhi Pahuja
(Mother of Hiranya Pahuja)

I want to congratulate team presidency for a wonderful performance on Grandparent's Day .It was very well coordinated and perfectly executed programme. Handling such small kid that too on a virtual platform, is not everyone's cup of tea!
We as parents, draw deep satisfaction, in seeing Veera growing up as a part of Shalom Presidency family.

Parent of Veera Chaturvedi (KG-C)

Thank you so much for all the best efforts you are putting on for our kids. They love doing all the activities.
Today’s online session was an excellent experience for both kids and their grandparents. Thank you for making this day memorable for them. These memories will stay with them for the lifetime!

Preeti Sharma
Mother of Utkriti Bhartiya

Shalom presidency has never failed us to surprise us by imbibing our traditional values with modern world class educational initiatives. Grandparents’ day function was really very nice and well organized.
As parents, it gave us immense joy to see Advitiya and his grandparents coming together to celebrate this day! We all enjoyed it .Kudos to Shalom presidency’s teachers and staff for arranging this wonderful event.

Parent of Advitiya Saxena (KG-C)

My special thanks to Team Presidency for not only organizing such an amazing celebration but also encouraging children to perform so wonderfully.
Even during regular classes teachers always motivate and guide children to participate in different activities and learn simultaneously. They make learning a fun activity which my child always look forward to.
Grandparents’ day celebration was fantabulous. My son Aditya was too excited for his performance and eager to see his grandparents watch him while he performs. Aditya's both maternal and paternal grandparents enjoyed thoroughly.
Thank you to the entire team of Shalom Presidency School for organizing celebration like these that regularly instill deep positive impressions in these young minds.

Parul Jindal
Mother of Aditya Singh (KG A)

Teachers of Shalom have been the epitome of kindness, patience and perseverance this whole year. We sincerely thank all teachers. I convey my most sincere gratitude to teachers for being so patient with every kid.

Aviral’s Parents

I am beyond words for the effort, love, compassion and tireless patience shown by teachers of Shalom Presidency towards children conducting the session in 2020. I am indebted and Adaa has benefited a lot from her teachers. She ensures to include them in her daily 'goodnight' prayer. Presidency has the best teacher the kids could have asked for in this challenging year. Thank you, team, Shalom Presidency.

Shveta and Anuj.
Ada’s Parents

It is so heartwarming to see the kids moving ahead to the next class. It was an unusual year for all of us but the hard work that all the teachers and the school leadership have put in is so commendable that we don't have words to express our gratitude.
The graduation day was the cherry on the cake. The most beautiful day of all the ups and downs we have seen this year. It was very well executed. Special thanks to all the teachers for being so patient with the kids always being there for them

Abhir’s parents

“We, parents, may be accountants, scientists, doctors, and engineers – but nothing contributes to the nation’s development more than the sacrifices made by teachers.
We know some times, your own children were deprived of your care and attention because you were busy attending to ours. We would like your children to know how awesome you are and implore them to be grateful to have such a person as you.
I’d like to give credit to all teachers for guiding my child and for making the school comfortable place for her to learn and grow.

Best wishes to entire Shalom team!
Parents of Aaliya Suri
Reema Suri & Gautam Suri

I would like to appreciate efforts of school and teachers and especially you over the last year during the unprecedented time for providing online classes.
The support my daughter Bhargavi has received from all the teachers was extraordinary.  The dedication that teachers had shown was beyond expectations. The content presented to the students on chapters through online studies were really helpful.
I would also like to appreciate about MUN activity where Bhargavi has become confident and has got opportunity to learn about the other country.

We look forward to have school opening soon and things come back to normal.

Paramjeet Vasisht
Bhargavi Vasisht

I really hope you, your family and all staff are in good health and are keeping safe . I am Ritu Mittal, mother of Shvin Mittal who studies in class 7A.
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire school management and all the teachers for the overall effort put into Online classes and the entire curriculum. This has enabled the children to utilize their time and learn differently.
We all clapped for the health workers and frontliners for working tirelessly in the fight against COVID. I think Teachers and the school management deserve those claps too. A big shoutout to all of you for doing such a wonderful job with virtual schooling.

I wish all the best to the school and take pride to be associated with the school since the very beginning.

Ritu Mittal
M/o Shivin Mittal - 7A

We Dr Somendra Shukla and Dr Richika Sahay parents of Bhuvaneshi Shukla Grade 5 A are really grateful that our ward is studying at Shalom Presidency School, Gurugram . Our child has been here since Nursery and me being a working mom always liked the schools concept of day care as it was very useful when she was small . I am a Dr and Shalom faculty took so much care since she was a toddler she never felt sick in day care. The cleanliness and care level is so good. I appreciate the school for all the personalized care they give to my child .During this covid time they have taken full care by going online and guided my child as we were not at home as we are doctors. My child never felt lonely. Shalom is a true blend of education perfection personalisation blended in a required amount .The vision of MD madam is exemplary .I am proud to be associated with Shalom Presidency and would definitely recommend to all parents who want their child to have all round development. 

Parents of Bhuvaneshi Shukla
Grade 5

My daughter is in grade 7. There is an exceptionally secure environment that the school provided, she transitioned from a shy and introverted girl to a confident and happy young adult. The teachers were always available and genuinely committed to exploiting her potential to the fullest. They were also very open to parental feedback and made sincere efforts to implement recommendations to the extent possible. The family-like atmosphere meant that students were not just another number and everyone knew each other. The school maintains strong safety standards and an impressive level of hygiene. I would strongly recommend this school for those seeking a quality education at a very affordable cost. The values, good manners and discipline that the school emphasizes are a bonus. Most importantly my child was extremely happy during her time here and I am confident that the friendships that were forged over the years will be lasting bonds.  

Varsha Choudhry
M/O Charvi Singh Grade: 7

First of all I would like to congratulate the school for the virtual classes that you have conducted and kept the children connected with their academics and activities as well. I personally feel SPS is the best place to start your child academic journey. It is not only good in academic but have helped my both the children Sahanya Kumar and Vanya Kumar of grade 7th and 3rd to build their personality and to see the world with very positive approach.
Thank you Shalom Presidency, for supporting my both children and guiding them to improve and learn new things which definitely going to help them in their learning journey ahead. For the very first time MUN was conducted at SPS and I personally feel that this session will really help them to build their inner confidence and improve their personality. 

Thank you  to the entire team of SPS for all your guidance and support.

Shivani Kumar
M/O Sahanya Kumar grade 7
& Vanya Kumar grade 3

We want to take this opportunity to thank Shalom Presidency School and its teachers for their relentless support in guiding our child. In 2019, the teachers had gone an extra mile to help our child settle into a new school in a new city. For this we shall be forever grateful to the school.

In 2020, the onset of the pandemic had made us doubtful as to how home schooling will work out. However Shalom Presidency team ensured that virtual schooling went ahead seamlessly.

There were hardly any technical glitches in the entire year of virtual classes. Most importantly the teachers showed extreme patience and kept engaging the students just like face-to-face schooling. Not just academics, music, art, dance and sports classes were successfully conducted virtually. The biggest highlight was the remarkable annual presentation by the children. It displayed that even with virtual classes Shalom Presidency sticks to its values of all round development of the students.

Thank you so much once again for all the hard work.

Vikas and Plavani
P/O Sankalp Grade 2

I am a proud mother of 3 children who are studying in Shalom Presidency School which not only offers a strong academic infrastructure but also provide an array of co-curricular activities necessary for an all-rounded development of the child. The school provides a loving & caring environment for all children.

The teachers are Professional, caring and well organized. They really care and truly want the best for your child.” “Every day my children are looking forward to attending school. They very much enjoy their time in classes and learning new things each day. The children and teachers have a nice bonding and the teachers are very creative and keep kids engaged with their creative ideas. The lessons taught in the class is well planned and executed. The children do not spend much time in remembering it at home because teachers teach in such manner that they are clear with the topics during the class.

The school has a lot of transparency to the parents. There are wide range of sports and activities which the school offers which includes swimming, skating, Cricket, Football etc. Since past 1year online classes are happening and teachers and whole staff are doing fabulous job. I could never think that open house and Annual day can happen virtually as well. The school and teachers made it happen. Teachers try to give individual attention to every young learner even virtually and it gives me an immense pleasure to see the healthy connection that my children have made with their teachers.

Ms. Shiva Sharma
M/O Saksham Sharma-7A
Sanay & Saanvi Sharma-2A

My son, Vansh, joined galaxy wing @Shalompresidency in 2017. It has given a very good base to my child's formative learning. Now my son is in grade 2. In these covid times like most parents I was also worried about this new concept of online classes. Today, after almost 10months, I can say that there has been not a single class skips from Shalom teachers. All the teachers are well aware of the students’ progress. It is highly commendable of the teachers to be so patient with the students and parents too.

I am a very happy parent of Shalom Presidency and I even plan to get my younger son to be a part of Shalom as well.

Parents of Vansh Grover
Grade 2 A

We want to express our sincere gratitude for all efforts made by you, all teachers, coordinators & Management during this unique academic year.

Initially when the session begin in Mar'20 end, we were not sure how these children of 5th Standard and kindergarten kids will comprehend this situation. The way school has taken it up, proven real meaning of School (institution which teaches not limited text books).

Turnaround time to situation is commendable. School Management has addressed all concerns; Academic Teachers responded to queries/doubts of student beyond school timings, activity teachers like Dance, Music, Physical Education & Art have done their best.

Special Assembly sessions, festival celebration & Annual Day celebration over the net has given new dimension to the Academic Calendar.

I would like to take opportunity of SPECIAL THANKS to MD Ma'am for all her support, guidance, care and presence in this journey like always stood. That is why, kids call you "Mother Darling".

Once again, Thanks to all of you

Pooja Gupta & Bhupendra Gupta
P/O Nihaalni Bansal 5 & Nilaanshi Bansal KG

The year 2020 paved the way for a new way of learning in the form of Virtual classes. When the whole world was put to a hault, our school, Shalom Presidency under the guidance of MD Ma'am was still working hard day and night for the education of our children.

The immense hard work of the teachers made learning interesting for children in the form of quizzes, art integrations, role plays, speaking skills, flip sessions and the list goes on. The outstanding performances by our budding orators in the Academic presentation were commendable and cannot be missed.

We as parents of Vivan Katyal,of Grade IV-C, are proud to be associated with such a prestigious institution, which not only provides skills to enhance the learning of their student but also instills values for life.

Our heartfelt, thank you, to our dear MD Ma'am, under her guidance the virtual platform has turned out to be a blessing for our children in this present scenario.

Nidhi Katyal
M/O Vivan Katyal
Grade IV-C

Shalom Presidency School , has been a delightful experience for my child , studying in 8th standard , the pandemic ruined her excitement of a new school . Thanks to the efforts from the school, and specially the Teachers who had to adapt to the new methods of online classes. Well done to everyone, thank you so much. My child is waiting to get to school.

M/O Renitha Grade 8

We are really happy with the overall management of the classes virtually during the session this year. The outlay of the academic sessions, co-curricular activities like music, dance, physical education & additional activities like flip-leanings, academic presentation gave an overall boost and engagement to the kids. Special appreciation to all teachers for working so hard while making the sessions interactive & interesting for the kids and made them understand the concepts clearly. We thank the Shalom management for making the efforts to make this happen & wish everyone stay safe!!!

Divya Sharma
M/O Prisha Sharma - 4C

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning". You truly deserve these words. Teachers are almost the child's second parents. They are the most respected person in one's life after their parents as they help to shape the life of thousands. Being a parent I am thankful to have you as mentor, guide and role model for my kid. You are activating her curiosity, knowledge and new vision.

Thanks for your patience and efforts. You are inspiring our kids to become good people in society. As long as your blessings are with them, nothing can spoil our kids. You have been a blessing. I can proudly say that my daughter is a student of "Shalom Presidency School" and want to thank to the entire team of the school, especially all the respected teachers who had shown their great efforts and patience, during the crucial pandemic time for our children growth.

Anjana Somani
M/O Tiffany Somani Grade-IV C

Let me congratulate you all wholeheartedly for being truly child centric, child focused and child friendly. Thank you all for the tremendous effort you all put in to keep our child engaged during COVID 19 pandemic. Hats off for the way online classes were organised during these tough times. My daughter has enjoyed all the extracurricular activities and tasks assigned to her. Never felt that the learning curve of my child has flattened. Her knowledge and confidence has headed north under your care and guidance.

Special thanks to MD ma'am under whose umbrella everyone has flourished. It's heart heartwarming to see her love towards our little ones. You all have exceeded the expectations. Thank You Team Shalom Presidency.

Deep Shikha Srivastava
M/O Vidisha Sinha Grade 2 B

Though the academic session started with lot of uncertainty, but I must appreciate the efforts put in by all the teachers. Online teaching was new for everyone and it has its own shortcomings, yet you all did your best to adapt to this new norm and make learning easy and enjoyable for kids.

I can see significant change in Arham’s personality. His confidence has increased for public speaking. At the start of the session, I had to closely watch him during his classes but now he is attending all by himself. Now I am hardly present during the classes.

I thank all the teachers and Shobhana Ma’am for their patience, hard work and energetic approach.

And last but not the least, I thank Monika Ma’am for being such a wonderful class teacher. She’s all ears to her students and brings lot of energy to the class.

Mona Bhandari
M/o Arham Jain Class 2B

Our daughter has received a warm welcome right from the word go at Shalom Presidency, Gurgaon. The meticulous detail, with which each child is remembered individually as well as the parents of the child, makes one feel warm & welcome in the family. The schooling is conducted in a concerned, individually-focused way and each child is allowed to express their individuality. And, they're appreciated for it as well! We have found a lot of appreciation for our efforts and a fair amount of industry in the way the school preps each child in an all-round way.

The smooth conducting of classes even in the adverse post-COVID world is a testament to the vision of Dr. Lily George, executed admirably by Shobhana ma'am and her gifted staff. Kolaambi has found great mentors in the form of her extremely patient class teacher and has been guided by the rest of the teachers of whom we would like to especially thank English teacher & Hindi teacher for their pointed inputs. We hope the school and the lives of children and parents they touch rise to greater heights in the coming years!

Siddhi Prada Bhattacharyya & Sonia Bhattacharyya
P/O Kolaambi Bhattacharyya Grade 2-D

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to education.

During this time, Shalom and their faculty have gone to incredible lengths to help their students keep learning.

I am impressed by your ingenuity, your resilience, your passion and your strength, as we have navigated unprecedented challenges over the past few months.

It's incredible how the School has seamlessly transitioned from your normal teaching practice to remote learning, setting up new lesson plans, devising new ways of teaching, preparing materials, and finding new ways to check in on and connect with students, making great use of technology.

As a parent, I am highly grateful for, Schools’ efforts and ingenuity. Thank you for making my daughter independent and helping her transition to new ways of virtual learning without putting unnecessary burden on us. Proud to be associated with Shalom Presidency, you have truly lived your values!

Best Regards,
Divya Bhardwaj
M/O Aeyana Bhardwaj Grade 4

My son is in Shalom Presidency since 5 years - can't speak highly enough of the rapid evolution and trajectory that the school is on. The leadership, faculty and care provided all we needed and prepared my son for the next chapter in his education journeys. One contributing factor was the community - many like minded parents, all wanting the best all round experience for the children. Great class sizes, great staff (teaching and support), and a great future.

I want to thank all the teachers and staff of Shalom Presidency School, for the hard work they have put in the online classes, explaining everything in a detailed manner.

Preparing lessons, making kids learn all this through virtual learning. It is very difficult to teach online. However you all are making sure that each kid gets proper attention and the learning is smooth.

A special thanks to Nichen Maam for always available whenever I need help. She also makes sure the queries are answered. I love the way all teachers deal with kids.

Best Regards,
Purva Bansal
M/O Rudra Bansal Grade 3

Our daughter Gia has been a part of the Shalom Presidency family since the past six years. Ever since her enrolment as a young pre-nursery student, the Shalom Presidency School has been supportive of her every requirement and has kept pace with the evolving needs of a young child.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of our children and they missed out on face-to-face classes. The school proactively designed a virtual interface that mimicked the classroom and provided a high-quality academic setting for all students. The Shalom family has always been ahead of the curve and the school was one of the quickest to adapt to the new realities of education needs in COVID times.

The teachers undertook a fantastic transition from conventional curriculum delivery and aligned all the content with the realities of virtual learning. One of the standout factors is how the teachers have kept the focus of the virtual experience on the ‘learner’ and heard every voice and encouraged every child to give their best. The school portal and the sessions have been regular, glitch-free and undergone systematic evolution over the past months.

As parents, we are always watchful about how our kids progress in their overall development. The school maintains high academic standards not just in the formal academic domains but has also emphasised physical activity, music, dance and art during these testing times. Children seem to enjoy every scheduled session where they are challenged to expand their understanding of the world. My daughter looks forward to her daily virtual academic session with the same degree of enthusiasm as her daily school. For us, this is the surest sign that the school is doing a great job!

As parents, we repose our full confidence in the Shalom team to give its best every time! Thank you team SPS!

Best Regards,
Preeti and Himanshu Negandh
Parents of Gia Negandhi, III-A

My son is studying in Shalom Presidency School since Pre nursery and I can’t thank enough the school for shaping the overall personality of my son. The year 2020 had been really bad for all of us and especially for the children who were not and still not able to go to school due to the outbreak of CORONA virus pandemic. In this regard, I would like to really appreciate the school management for immediately implementing the online session for all the grades so that the year doesn’t get wasted.

I would like to give a big round of applause to each and every teacher of the school who made it possible in a short span of time to get themselves well versed with online techniques and then teaching the kids with so much patience (as it was very difficult to handle them at the beginning ) and explaining everything in a detailed manner making sure that each kid gets proper attention and understands everything completely and making this online learning very interesting.

A special thanks to our class teacher, for always being there whenever needed and also answering all the queries patiently.

Not only studies, each and every festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Also, would like to mention about the Academic Presentation which was held very smoothly through an online platform, a real great effort by the school and each and everyone involved with it. Not to forget the daily assemblies which are held in each and every topic which has helped in the overall personal development of the children. I am really happy and satisfied that I chose SHALOM PRESIDENCY SCHOOL for my son.

I take this opportunity to thank the management, all the staff and teachers of SHALOM PPRESIDENCY SCHOOL for the all the hard work and effort they have put in and continuing to do so.

Best Regards,
Satya Deepak,
Mother of Samarth Deepak, 3 B

My daughter is studying here since KG. Shalom Presidency School is no less than any other top schools in Gurgaon, when it come to Academics and Extra-curricular activities. Teachers with fantastic teaching skills are the main strengths of this school. 2020 forced the schools to turn to virtual mode. 

The online classes conducted by Shalom Presidency, went so smooth and the school and teachers did their best to cover the curriculum of academics involving each child to best of their abilities. Not only this, but the extra-curricular like, dance , singing, drawing, craft were also conducted online. Overall, the school has  always been very co-operative to listen to any of the parents’ concerns and bring it in action.

The MD of the school, Mrs. Lilly George has a vision to make Shalom Presidency School as the most loved and best school in India and the teachers are following the same.

In my opinion, Shalom Presidency School, is presently one of the best schools in Gurgaon.

Best Regards,
Neha Barooah
M/O Ahaana 2D

We all know that 2020 was a challenging year not only in terms of health issues due to Covid-19 however also because of the adverse impact it might have had on school kids, teachers and parents due to loss of studies.

It pleases me to say that while conducting online classes, your school and teachers have done a wonderful job in not only ensuring that kids dont miss the academics however have ensured that they got all personal attention to build their skills and confidence as they would have got in a classroom environment.

Ziyaa and I are thankful to have such amazing teachers who are helping her to build her academics and inter-personal skills too.

Best Regards,
M/O Ziyaa Choudhury 4A

Being a corporate professional, I have to move to the different parts of the country for the purpose of my job.  And whenever I moved, I moved with my Wife and Daughter. And doing so, my daughter changed Four schools within 2nd standard.

Last year when we moved to Gurgaon in January, we were very sceptical to choose a good school for her, as she always studied in ICSE schools. But, once we found Shalom Presidency (though it is CBSE), we found it very much suitable for our daughter.

The first day, when me and my wife met with the Principal, our requirement was about the child grooming to become a good human being, which was always our top priority. And after meeting the Principal Madam and the MD madam, we found this is the school, where our daughter will learn the education of life living.

Hence we admitted our daughter Adrija Sarkar in Second standard in January. She attended only two months and then Covid19 came and school gone into Online Classes in the entire 3rd standard.

This was entirely new experience for all of us, being the parent or as the Teachers. But we were amazed the way Teachers were tried to cope up the New Normal with super-fast transition. They were putting all hard efforts to make the children engaged to study as well as all the activities.

I won't say they were always right, but it was the Honest Intent which made this last year as a smooth and excellent experience for the children as well as parents.

Before I finish, I would like to share one event, which  we will always cherish and that was Academic Presentation. It was probably the best event we have ever seen, teachers has given all efforts to engage the parents, train the children, and finally the execution!! It was like, was happening live, not virtual.

Thanks to all the Teachers and School to make this toughest time what Human Being has ever seen, as the Beautiful Memory.
Thanks Again.

Best Regards,
Adrija Sarkar III B

Online classes run by Shalom Presidency school have given a relief to us as it prevented disruption in continuity of my daughter Adwitya’s study. It was running very smoothly and I am thankful to the teachers and coordinators who patiently adapt themselves to the new environment.

They could learn quickly the technology to connect to the students in a natural way and worked towards gaining the attention of the students even sitting far from them. Taking quick decision to embrace the challenge and facing it with bold steps is highly appreciated. My child enjoyed the whole session and I didn’t see any lack of focus due to changed scenario.

Thank you once again for taking care and guiding my child to a better future.
Thank you,

Best Regards,
Vikas Anand
P/O Adwitya Gupta, Class 3B,

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