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Day Care

What is the eligibility criterion for enrollment in Day Care?

Age limit starts from 2 years to 15 years.

What are the operating hours for the Day Care?

We are open from Monday to Friday, during school hours from 2:30 PM to 7:00 PM. On Saturday and Sundays Day Care is closed. On restricted Holidays, Day Care is operational between 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

What are the holidays observed?

We observe very limited holidays throughout the year. We are closed only on gazetted holidays or any government orders. For more detailsClick here

Do you provide meals in Day Care and at what time?

Yes, we do provide meals. Daily lunch is provided after 2:30 pm, a balance diet which includes a curry / vegetable /curd / salad / rice / chappati / dessert. At 4:00 pm, snacks are provided which include a savoury item / milk with bournvita (optional) / cornflakes / fruits. There are no additional charges for the meals.

Can parent send their own meals?

Yes, parents can send their own meals. But, we request the parents to avoid junk food.

Do you provide pick up and drop facilities?

We have no pick up and drop facility as of now.

Is there a scheduled nap time for all of the age groups?

Scheduled nap time is only for students aged two to five years between 3-4 PM.

If my child doesn’t sleep, what will he or she do during the rest time?

If your child is not sleeping we engage her/him with various activities like Story-time, Art & Craft, Reading & Writing, Organized games to name a few.

How is your Day Care different from others?

What happens if my child gets sick? What medication is provided?

We intimate the parents on a priority basis about the situation. Following which we provide basic medication depending upon the case. If, it is a serious situation we take the child to W Hospital.

Is there any assistance in academics?

Yes, we have qualified teachers who look after the students’ homework and offer assistance in academics.

What will I need for my baby?

We request you to send a labeled bag which includes:

Do you allow free trial?

No, we do not allow free trial. Facilities are provided only after admission of your child in the Day Care.

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