Shalom Presidency School


What is the vision and mission of Shalom Presidency School?

We believe that education is that wholesome system of human training within and without the school walls, which moulds and develops an individual. We respect the uniqueness of every child and believe in grooming each one entrusted to our care, chiseling their talent and steering them to leave their imprint in the community they touch. We aim to impart education conducive to knowledge with integrity, ethics and intelligence.

Which school boards are being followed at Shalom Presidency School?

We are following CBSE board.

Which grades are currently open for admissions?

Currently Pre-Nursery to Class XII are open for admission.
Details kindly contact  
+91 7838297733
0124-2572793, 2573793

What is an age criterion for admission?

ClassAge Criteria (years)
Pre-Nursery 2 + as on March 31
Nursery 3+ as on March 31
KG 4+ as on March 31
I 5+ as on March 31
II 6+ as on March 31
III 7+ as on March 31
IV 8+ as on March 31
V 9+ as on March 31
VI 10+ as on March 31
VII 11+ as on March 31
VIII 12+ as on March 31
IX 13+ as on March 31
X 14+ as on March 31
XI 15+ as on March 31
XII 16+ as on March 31


What is the admission procedure?

Pre-Nursery – KG: Informal interaction with parents & child.

Grade 1 onwards: The procedure includes an assessment for the child, followed by an informal interaction with the child and the parents.

What are the admission formalities?

What are the non-academic activities?


What kind of curriculum is followed in SPS?

SPS Academic programme is a unique blend of international and indian curriculum which is uniquely integrated with best teaching and learning practices to be explored in the ideal set up of the school.

Developed by a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the education sector, the curriculum boasts of in depth research of the teaching pedagogy and educational tools.

What medical facilities are available to students of Shalom Presidency School?

We have a fully equipped medical room with first aid kit and a qualified Nurse to attend the students. In case of any emergency our school is associated with W. Pratiksha Hospital.

How is discipline imposed?

Our idea of discipline is not something that is imposed externally on any student. Discipline is all about self-management. We strongly condemn corporal punishment and even harsh reproof. Self-discipline is inculcated by embedding sound traditional values and social sense. The teacher-student ratio being as low as 1:15 ensures individual attention and personal care.

Do we admit international students?

Children of NRIs and those from overseas are most welcome as they enhance the multicultural requirement of an international school.

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