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Happier Classrooms Workshop

In the continuation of Happy Classrooms workshop, we presented another set of activities that contributed to the workshop. Teachers actively participated in Role- Playing sessions applying emotional intelligence tools to real-life scenarios. Through these exercises, interventions for diverse situations were explored. Educators practiced creating supportive environments, implementing inclusive language strategies, and addressing bullying through assertiveness training.
For disruptive behaviour, Behaviour Intervention techniques were discussed, and for handling loss, compassionate communication and tailored academic support strategies were practiced. The engaging workshop left teachers feeling empowered to create happier and emotionally supportive classrooms for their students.


“Fire destruction is one man’s job; fire prevention is everybody’s job.”

Shalom Hills International School organized a hands on fire training session for the teaching faculty and guards with an objective to arm them with the essential knowledge and skills to respond efficiently to fire incidents and how to suitably handle and use fire extinguishers. It aimed at raising awareness about fire hazards and to thwart the potential risks within the school premises by educating staff members about common causes of fire hazards, understanding fire behavior, and the importance of early detection and reporting.

Information regarding different types of fire extinguishers and their respective uses along with the right technique to use them was imparted. The training staff gave demonstrations inviting a few teachers to themselves practice using fire extinguishers under controlled conditions. The session was absolutely informative and illuminating.


“Learning is a never ending journey, take advantage of your opportunities to learn every day.”

Melanie Beckler in the quote above aptly expressed the timeless truth that learning is an ongoing voyage, one that we should seize every day to expand our knowledge and understanding.In an effort to work and adapt to the new methodologies that are most suitable for children, the Shalom group of schools organized a workshop on NEP 2020.

The workshopfeatured the esteemed speaker and director of Mavericks, Mr. Pucchrat. Renowned for his expertise, Mr. Pucchrat motivated the attendees and delved into the key highlights of NEP 2020. Beginning with the significance of both skill and will in the learning process, he emphasized the need for a holistic approach in education. Mr. Pucchrat specifically highlighted the contributions of Mr. Kasturirangan, the new structure of NEP 2020, the importance of multilingualism, and the implementation of inquiry-based learning. To engage the teachers effectively, he employed various thinking routines, fostering an interactive and immersive learning experience. The workshop provided valuable insights and practical strategies for the teachers to incorporate the vision and principles of NEP 2020 into their classrooms, empowering them to nurture the students' intellectual curiosity and holistic growth.

The objective of this workshop was to equip teachers with additional strategies to create a comfortable and conducive learning environment, ultimately enhancing the overall growth of the students.The staff exhibited great eagerness as they attentively listened to the speaker, actively engaging in the two-hour workshop , ensuring an enriched educational experience for the studentsand contribute to the positive transformation of the teaching and learning process.


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

When yoga is applied to communities and societies, it offers a path to sustainable living. “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is the theme for this year’s International Yoga Day 2023, which beautifully captures the shared aspiration for “One Earth, One Family, and One Future.”

Health is a priority and choosing a healthy lifestyle a step closer to it. In a quest for creating healthier individuals and society, and encouraged by its Founder and Chairperson, Dr (Mrs.) Lilly George, who believes that education encompasses not only academics, but also a balanced mind and emotional stability, Shalom Group of Schools organized a two-day yoga workshop for the children, parents and teachers to celebrate the 9th International Yoga Day on June 20 & 21, 2023 from 6:00 am to 8:00 am.

The Yoga session was conducted by Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhilon, an eminent yoga instructor. Motivating the students, parents and the teachers to practice yoga, he highlighted the benefits of yoga and pranayama, and taught some asanas which were comprehensively and eagerly performed by all. Encouraged to adopt yoga in their daily regime, the Shalom initiative had above 100 yoga enthusiasts attempting to perform the asanas under the guidance of the instructor on both the days respectively.

Post the rejuvenating yoga sessions, accompanied with herbal juices and drinks, healthy snacks of sprout salad were enjoyed on the first day while a fruit salad energised the yoga freaks on day two.

Despite the rain on both the days, the spirit to celebrate the International Yoga Day was certainly not washed out. The two-days yoga workshop in the lush green grounds of Shalom Presidency was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to bring about positive change in their lifestyle.

Meeting of GPSC

Report on the meeting of GPSC was held on 19th May at Shalom Hills International School, Gurgaon.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Kashyapi Awasthi, Assistant Professor, National Centre for School Leadership, NIEPA .

In her address Dr. Kashyapi elaborately discussed NCF- a document being consistently worked upon and updated to work on changing trends in education. She categorically stated that, what we need is to shape the document and not be shaped by it.
She urged all the school heads to read the document and add soul to the document which she felt was missing. It’s not just documenting a document but the ingenuity of the practitioners, like the educators, which can work towards bringing in flexibility and add the practical aspect to the document. The ‘Sahodayas’, she felt can create the magic and form professionally learning communities so that “Sah-Uday’ Rising Together, can be realized and envisioned in it’s true essence.

Microteaching Session

Date: Wednesday 24 May, 2023

Department: Science

Session conducted by: Mr. Pradeep

Attendees: Respected M.D. Ma'am, Ruchi Ma'am, Principal Ma'am, V.P. Ma'am, HM Ma'am, all teachers of science department.

Topic: Physical and chemical changes (Grade VII)


Day: Friday

Date: 26.05.23

Time: 10:30- 11:00 am

Venue: VII A

Topic: Parts of Speech

Members present: I- VII teachers, Ms. Geetha Srinivasa, Ms Shobhana Venkatesh, Mr Varun Kumar

The session started with a warm up activity related to the topic which was Parts of speech song followed by discussion on the learning objectives. Subsequently, in the speaking activity learners were made to frame the sentence using different parts of speech and to observe the same to identify them. Strategies for making Mind maps (GO's) through app was introduced. Under Post activity, the students would be dramatizing (partner would whisper) the sentence and further identifying the parts of speech.

In addition to this, a quick SDG goal recap was also a part of the session along with art integrations ways.The session culminated with sharing of the best pedagogical practices among the teachers community.


A powerful and an interactive session on the lines of New Education Policy,2020 was conducted by Mr. Varun Kumar on 24.5.2023(Wednesday) at Shalom Presidency, Gurugram for teachers from Grade I to VIII.

The session centered around the fundamentals of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. It focused on recognizing the unique abilities, strengths, and passion of each individual. We must celebrate their achievements holistically and acknowledge the diverse range of skills they have cultivated throughout their academic journey.

The engaging lesson plan is a pivotal document for the facilitator to ensure that all the learning outcomes are realized through experiential learning model.
The following flow chart was discussed while preparing an effective lesson plan:
•KWLH Chart
(What I know, What I need to know, What I have learned, How I have learned)
•Learning Objectives must be clearly specified in accordance with the SDG (Sustainable
Development Goals)
•Methodology of the flow of lesson
-Ice breaking activity/Pre-Activity
-Post Activity
•Assessment Models
-Multiple Choice Questions
-A mixed bag of LOTS and HOTS questions
-Value based questions
-Pictorial questions
-Case study-based questions
-Art Integration Activity

The session culminated with the motivational address by the Founder Chairperson of the Shalom Group. The key take away of the session was that the educators community must constantly strive to inspire and empower students to chase their dreams, embrace their passions, and find success on their own terms.

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