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Academic Leadership

Ms Monika Sharma

Ms. Monika Sharma brings with her a wealth of experience of three decades in education and a commitment to excellence.
She has been a school leader in prestigious CBSE schools playing a pivotal role in creative learning strategies, technology-based Pedagogy, and a vision for the future that aligns with our school's core values. As a School Innovation ambassador, Ms. Sharma has been instrumental in driving idea Generation and idea Hand holding, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship as a part of the CBSE program with the support of the Ministry of Education's Innovation Cell.
As an academician, Ms. Sharma has been a resource person for teacher training & workshops, an Adobe Education leader promoting creative education techniques, guest speaker at panel discussions & author's talks on subjects related to 21st century learning strategies. She is committed to fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and academic achievements.

Ms. Shobhana Venkatesh
Mr. Varun Kumar
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Head Mistress Operations
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Head Mistress

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