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As an artist, I think that whatever art an artist makes should be powerful enough to tell a story. There is a quote by Rainbow Rowell — 'Art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.'’. The painting I present portrays all the feelings I’ve had recently. I felt many people are trying to influence my thoughts, it was as if trapped in this beautiful box with colours but no hope. My mind was like an empty guitar with no strings. As if I’m blind and my thoughts rule my mind. As if my thoughts would strangle me – overthinking, I think it's one of the most common problems teenagers are living into. As a teenager and a girl, I think a lot and that controls my emotions.
Through this piece, I portrayed what my brain is carrying. Even when it's engraved in colours it's surrounded by the darkness of thoughts which invade my mind and tells me I can't do anything. It's as if my mind has become crippled, and fails to understand anything.It is as if my brain has too many tabs open. All my efforts to control my unruly brain go futile. All I’m left with is an unending road of imagination where my thoughts don’t let me rest. If only thoughts had an off switch. I say to them- get out and let me breathe. All thoughts are not facts but they don’t let me stay intact. I want to tune into what’s happening right now, pay attention to my senses, and be present. But they don’t let me,I feel trapped I feel helpless. I could only stop if I could only stop. I’ll be much happier.
I hope you like my art for it may not make sense to a few but I hope you feel it all. Thank you

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