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Day: Tuesday
Date: 05.07.23
Time: 8:30- 8:55
Venue: Conference Hall
Theme: July 4th 2023, International Plastic Bag Free Day 2023
Participants: VI A students
Teachers present: 6-8 teachers
Head Mistress: Ms. Geeta Srinivasan
International Plastic Bag Free Day was observed and celebrated with great cheer and enthusiasm as the class assembly of Class VI A took place in the conference hall. The assembly started with the Lord’s Prayer by Saanvi Hada and a shloka by Prakriti Mukherjee. The word of the day and News were presented by Pragun and Anoushka Verma. The awareness programme started with the opening speech by Ahaan Salariya. A team of factual four, Arjun Dhull, Ameeshi, Namansh Khanna, and Pankhudi Mittal, brought the history and properties of plastics, their use, and the problems caused by their products through facts and figures. Aarna D Sao, Alisha enlightened with the solution to menace; she also shared the years’ time required by plastic to disappear from the face of the earth. The poems were recited by Ameeshi and Atharv, and the whole class sang. The group song was to add stars to the awareness programme. Every heart was motivated to avoid using single-use plastic to eliminate plastic pollution. Last but not least, the twin brothers Ansh and Vansh shared the slogans, and the assembly ended with the lead-in pledge by Vivaan Aggrawal. Class VI A presented the theme to spread awareness that a plastic bag-free world is possible by PowerPoint and encouraged the Shalomites that it is possible and that sound environmental alternatives to single- use plastic bags are available.

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