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Class III students of the Shalom Presidency School hosted a captivating Annual Assembly for parents and grandparents on 26th August 2023. The theme of the assembly seamlessly blended elements of prayer, secularism, aspiration, bravery, patriotism, and environmental conservation, captivating the audience. The Cultural Program featured a vibrant array of performances that not only delighted the eyes but also sparked contemplation. Narrators skilfully connected the audience with ideas and ideals expressed through the presentation. The program also included a musical drama on Space, honouring Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma for his voyage and the successful landing of our most prestigious Chandrayan-3 on Moon; a tribute to the Kargil heroes; and a performance on ‘Save the Environment’.
The Grand Finale united all participants in a spectacular display, earning a standing ovation for the children. Dr. Lilly George, the Founder-Chairperson, blessed the children, and the parents expressed their gratitude to Madam and the school for creating a wonderful environment for their children. The assembly was a resounding success.

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