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Topic- Gandhi Jayanti Poster-Making Activity
Date: September 29, 2023
Location: Shalom Presidency School
Participants: Students of Grades 6-8
Activity Overview:
Shalom Presidency School hosted a poster-making session for students in Grades VI through VIII in honor of Gandhi Jayanti. The event sought to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi\'s birthday and spread awareness of the ideals and beliefs he upheld.
The Mahatma Gandhi values and teachings, with a focus on non-violence, truth, simplicity, and peace, served as the theme for the poster-making project. The Gandhi Jayanti poster-making project at Shalom Presidency School was a huge success since it gave children a platform for creative expression and helped them grasp the principles Gandhi upheld. The posters were an effective way to spread ideas of peace, truth, simplicity, and non-violence throughout the entire school community.
In addition to honoring Mahatma Gandhi\'s legacy, this activity gave the kids a sense of civic duty and motivated them to live their lives in accordance with these beliefs. It was a poignant and instructive approach to remember Gandhi Jayanti and encourage the next generation to carry on the nation\'s founding father\'s legacy.

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