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Day: Tuesday
Date: 10.10.23
Time: 8:30- 8:55am
Venue: Conference Room
Theme: World Mental Health Day
Participants: VI -VIII
Head Mistress: Ms. Geeta Srinivasan
“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”
The students of grade VI D conducted class assembly at 8:30 am with the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer by Shivali and Himanshi and a Sanskrit Shloka by Hansika and Shivali, followed by a thoughtful quote by Kashvi. The word of the day along with the meaning was explained by Kavin Mehta. Next, the news was presented by Vansh and Yuvraj. Rendition of self-composed poem was done by Priyal Thakur with correct voice modulation and intonation. Shresth, Sam and Samarth presented their views about good health and well-being. Later, the talent presentation was done by Ishaan, Shivansh and Atharv by solving rubric cube in a minute. Class choir was sung by the students of the class. To conclude, Ms Geeta Srinivasa, HM encouraged the students to think of new ideas which can help make a change in the present scenario and promote awareness and sensitivity towards the important issue of mental health. The assembly was concluded by School anthem and National Anthem.

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