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GPSC Interschool Science Convention was held on 13th October 2023 at CCA School, Gurugram. The program was specifically organized for students from class III to XII. It aimed to develop their oratory skills, hone their stage presence, to enhance their confidence, to develop logical skills and promote the interest in science and technology with innovative idea and initiative imagination.
The students had the opportunity to participate in the events ‘Portray the Pioneer’, ‘Acoustic in Action’ and ‘Mindful Mindscape’, followed by the presentation of various working models and portraying the chief of ISRO scientist and speaking about Chandrayaan 3. There were around 22 participating schools. These Competitions not only provided them with a learning experience but also helped them to develop essential skills such as spirit of learning, logical skills, encourage students to make connection with different areas and provide a structural way to organize ideas and information as well as healthy competition among the students.
The competition was well-organized and supervised by both school teachers and student representatives from CCA. This program ensured the well-being of all the participating students and celebrate the power of creative ideas by different students.
The event was judged by renowned personalities of CCA schools Ms. Monika Rana, Mr. Yogesh Soni for the event Acoustic in Action, Ms. Archana Soota, Ms. Dheeru Thakral for the event Mindful Mindscape and Ms. Kanika Yadav, Ms.
Shalinee Chabra and Ms. Dimple Sareen for Portray the Pioneer event. The judges were well experienced and knowledgeable in conducting such activities, making the entire experience enjoyable and full of learning for the students. The judgement was based on the criteria like content, fluency, PPT style and presentation of models and props.
The event topics of the SPS students were:
1. Optimising the carbon sink utilisation for a +ve impact (Pruthak Pattanaik – X)
2. Portraying the scientist (Anya Mohanty, III A).
3. Paper speaker (Mukund Chopra, VIII B and Aditi Mehta, VIII C).
Proud moment for us, Pruthak Pattanaik bagged the first prize in the event Mindful Mindscape, other participants received merit certificates and souvenirs.
Overall, the \"Science Conclave\" was a successful event that provided the students with a memorable day of experience and learning. It allowed them to think out of the box, build their confidence, and work as a team.

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