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Shalom Presidency School hosted an engaging CBSE workshop on Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies on 14.10.2023(Saturday) .The program began with a warm welcome and an engaging initiation activity to set the momentum for the day. Ms.Poonam Saxena and Ms Gurpreet ( CBSE Resource Persons) began with an ice-breaker activity fostering a sense of camaraderie among the participants.
The speaker initiated the session by delving into the dynamics of the teaching-learning cycle, emphasizing the pivotal role of cultivating an environment conducive to effective learning. A thorough exploration of Bloom\'s Taxonomy was recapitulated,elucidating the different levels of cognitive learning and their implications for the adoption of effective teaching techniques.
The workshop also facilitated a thought-provoking discussion on diverse pedagogical approaches aimed at achieving specific learning goals, providing educators with a deeper comprehension of instructional strategies.
A significant part of the workshop was an interactive session dedicated to crafting meticulous and effective rubrics for assessing student performance. Participants actively engaged in creating assessment tools to effectively evaluate student progress and enhance the overall learning experience. Throughout the day, the attendees enjoyed various stimulating activities that not only reinforced key concepts but also enabled a collaborative and dynamic learning environment.
The one-day Capacity Building Programme proved to be a valuable opportunity for educators to enhance their knowledge and skills in designing effective learning outcomes and pedagogies. The combination of expert facilitators, interactive sessions, and practical activities made it a successful and informative event. The workshop underscored the school\'s unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development for its educators. Participants had key-takeaways from the workshop with a deeper understanding of contemporary pedagogical practices, invigorating roles as facilitators of knowledge and learning.

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