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The TEDx event hosted by Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi, on October 31st, 2023, delved into the theme \"Beyond Addiction: The Compulsion Cheat Code,\" offering a comprehensive perspective on addiction and strategies for its management. The event was attended by students from Shalom Presidency School, including Pruthak Pattnaik of X-B and Adithya Sunil from X-B, accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Swati. The active involvement in the sessions reflected their keen interest in understanding the complexities of addiction and their commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle within their school community.
Distinguished speakers, including Dr. Samir Parikh, Ms. Yashita Khera, Ms. Prachi Pratap, Ms. Mansi Chaudhary, Dr. Nisha Khanna, and Mr. Shobhit Nirwan, shared profound insights on various aspects of addiction, emphasizing the detrimental effects of excessive screen time, the significance of holistic well-being, and the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Their valuable contributions provided the audience with practical guidance on mitigating the risks associated with addiction and prioritizing mental and physical health.
Overall, the event fostered an environment of active learning and engagement, encouraging attendees to adopt healthier coping mechanisms and to make informed choices for a fulfilling and balanced life. The participation of students and their teachers from Shalom Presidency School added a collaborative dimension to the event, amplifying the shared commitment to promoting a culture of well-being and resilience among the youth.

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