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Investing in health and well being is key to unlocking lifelong health,productivity,and national prosperity.-Stefan Peterson,Chief of Health,UNICEF

Shalom Presidency School conducted a mindful and an interactive session on Adolescence and Health and Nutrition for the students of grades 5 & 6 on 22 November,2023 to help them cope with their day-to-day mental and physical health concerns. A team of expert Pediatricians from Medanta (Dr. Rajiv Uttam, Dr Swati Kalra, Dr Deepshikha and Dr Praveen Khilnani conducted the session and made all fruitful attempts to make them aware of different aspects of health,hygiene and nutrition,addiction to gadgets,junk food,balanced diet,good habits and gradually covered the key areas as per their age group. The queries related to the same were answered to make them feel comfortable and confident about their apprehensions. The students carefully listened and responded to take the suggestions forward for their betterment of themselves.  The students had an interactive and engaging session where they delved deep into the discourse and will implement the key insights for the betterment in all spheres of their lives.

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