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Puberty is a sensitive critical stage of human life. As numerous healthy habits and behaviours are formed during adolescence, adequate health education during puberty is essential to maintain and improve an individual\'s physical, emotional, and mental health. With this utmost growing responsibility, Shalom Presidency School organized a session on 13 Dec 2023, addressing the topic of \"Puberty and Mental Health\" specifically designed for female students for grades 5 to 8. The session took place during regular school hours and was facilitated by Procter and Gamble.
The session was taken by Ms Kriti, who addressed all the queries of our students and made them aware of their physiology and its functions. The students interacted actively and watched the insightful presentations and videos attentively. The session focused on puberty age, reproductive systems, monthly period cycles and hygiene standards. The students were sensitized throughout the session with the adequate information base. The session concluded with filling up a questionnaire related to the session and a vote of thanks by our respected Principal ma’am.

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