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Theme: Safer Internet Day

On 7th February 2024, Class V D organized a special assembly on Safer Internet Day, to raise awareness about the importance of staying safe online. The assembly aims to educate students about the potential risks of the internet and how to navigate it safely.
The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer. Following this, the students recited the Sanskrit shloka. To inspire and educate their peers, students shared the thought for the day, followed by the word of the day.
Next, students presented a short skit and role-plays demonstrating common online scenarios, such as the effects of social media. Through these performances, we learned about the potential dangers of the internet and the importance of being cautious while using it. Following the skit, we were informed about the alternative activities that we can incorporate in our lives.
Overall, the Safer Internet Day assembly served as an important reminder for all of us to stay vigilant and responsible while using the Internet. By promoting awareness and understanding, we can create a safer online environment for ourselves and others.
To conclude the assembly, students sang the School Anthem and National Anthem with great enthusiasm and pride.

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