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Workshop on Computer Security

The education sector needs to secure its applications and systems and overcome any challenges that come in the way of cyber security. There is data theft that can potentially affect all levels of education. The data can be wrongfully used to sell the information or be used as a tool to extort money. Most educational institutions have switched to online learning platforms to fight against the ongoing pandemic. Hence, with the unprecedented revolution of smartphones, cybersecurity is a dilemma nowadays. To address this concern, an informative workshop was conducted by Ms. Shivangi Kapoor, for the students of Grades 3 - 5 on 29th and 30th November’21, on the occasion of World Computer Security Day. The workshop covered the various ways by which the network and computer can be secured against the potential threats that can endanger the system security. The workshop ended by making the students aware on how the computer, internet and its usage can be made secure. It was indeed an enriching session for one and all.



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